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A bottle of vodka is made up of approximately 60 percent water, so the taste of the water itself has a decisive effect on the finished vodka, where it contributes to the softness and the overall taste experience.

The most notable feature of NIXONBUI Vodka is the water used in its production.  There is no purer form of naturally sourced water on the planet, water sourced from a remarkable, almost mystical location befitting of a remarkable vodka.

The water used in NIXONBUI Vodka fell as snow on Greenland up to 100,000 years ago, slowly compacting year after year, forming a part of the Greenland ice cap which today is known as Sermeq Kujalleq, the Jakobshavn Glacier, in the Ilulissat Icefjord.

Glaciers ‘flow’ under the influence of gravity, and each year approximately 46 cubic kilometres of ice break free from the Jakobshavn Glacier, falling into the Ilulissat Icefjord. If this ice were melted, the resultant water would be equal to all the water used, annually, in the United States!

The Icefjord has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004 and, as a consequence, no ice can be harvested from the glacier itself, or from icebergs in the fjord. However, the ice which breaks away from the glacier, an event known as calving, forms massive icebergs, or growlers, which can measure up to one kilometre in height. As these icebergs flow down the fjord, the larger ones become stuck in the shallower waters of the Icefjord Bank, subsequently breaking up with the passage of time or as a result of collisions with smaller passing icebergs.

Every year, up to 15,000 of these icebergs subsequently float into Disco Bay, and it is from here they are harvested in a wholly sustainable manner which respects all guidelines laid down by Greenland authorities. This ensures that there is no negative impact on what is recognised as a critically sensitive environment.

The 100,000 year-long water producing process then sees the icebergs turn into Sermeq Kujalleq meltwater, which is the only source of water used in NIXONBUI Vodka.



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In a Glass

Almost like liquid silver; the light is reflected in the form of beautiful multicolored rays. NIXONBUI Vodka appears rich and alive with the most beautiful curtains acting as a mesmerizing backdrop.

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The Aroma

An unusual hint of honey blended with lemon peel delivers a surprising note of vibrancy. The subtle aroma of NIXONBUI Vodka is uncomplicated, crisp, clean, and unmistakable.

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The Taste

A light prickling on the tongue is immediately followed by a murmur of ripe grains, citrus. A very mild aftertaste of salted licorice leaves a tantalizing aftertaste, time and time again, to complete the NIXONBUI Vodka experience.