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NIXONBUI Vodka contains Himalayan minerals which over millions of years were formed in the rough nature of the roof of the world. These minerals have been used by the Himalayan tribesmen as part of curative treatment since ancient times.The tribal people possess a comprehensive knowledge of the use of minerals for medicinal and nutritional purposes. 

We carefully created a unique blend of 84 minerals that helps to maintain a natural fluid balance as these minerals help improve hydration. 


Most hangovers are a symptom of dehydration and a lack of vital minerals such as potassium and magnesium. The minerals infused in NIXONBUI Vodka can help counteract the causes of a hangover with its carefully balanced patent blend of electrolyte minerals, including magnesium, sodium and potassium.


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In a Glass

Almost like liquid silver; the light is reflected in the form of beautiful multicolored rays. NIXONBUI Vodka appears rich and alive with the most beautiful curtains acting as a mesmerizing backdrop.

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The Aroma

An unusual hint of honey blended with lemon peel delivers a surprising note of vibrancy. The subtle aroma of NIXONBUI Vodka is uncomplicated, crisp, clean, and unmistakable.

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The Taste

A light prickling on the tongue is immediately followed by a murmur of ripe grains, citrus. A very mild aftertaste of salted licorice leaves a tantalizing aftertaste, time and time again, to complete the NIXONBUI Vodka experience.