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NIXONBUI Vodka is made from the very best natural ingredients Mother nature can provide. As intended and with no human interference, everything that goes into this vodka is of the very best quality and, more important, is 100% organic.

There has been water on this planet for millions of years and the total amount of water is finite. Of the 1400 million cubic meters of water that exist, only one-hundredth of one percent is available to drink.

We have found the purest of all drinking water in old glaciers which date back millennia, where it has lain, undisturbed and free from pollution, waiting patiently for Mother Nature to release it again. It is from one of these glaciers that we have responsibly sourced the water that helps create NIXONBUI Vodka.

NIXONBUI Vodka is distilled not less than five times. With each distillation, Nixon our vodka becomes cleaner and purer, one could also say that the vodka becomes more potent. With the removal of impurities with each distillation, and the purer the vodka becomes, the more singular yet more powerful the flavor becomes.

To complete the vision: The last thing we do before Nixon Bui is bottled is carefully add selected minerals found in the Himalayas. This process makes Nixon Bui not only markedly distinctive, but also one of the most elegant and seductive premium Vodkas you will find anywhere.

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In a Glass

Almost like liquid silver; the light is reflected in the form of beautiful multicolored rays. NIXONBUI Vodka appears rich and alive with the most beautiful curtains acting as a mesmerizing backdrop.

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The Aroma

An unusual hint of honey blended with lemon peel delivers a surprising note of vibrancy. The subtle aroma of NIXONBUI Vodka is uncomplicated, crisp, clean, and unmistakable.

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The Taste

A light prickling on the tongue is immediately followed by a murmur of ripe grains, citrus. A very mild aftertaste of salted licorice leaves a tantalizing aftertaste, time and time again, to complete the NIXONBUI Vodka experience.